EPHESIANS 4:11-17: “…Till we all come to the UNITY of the FAITH and of the KNOWLEDGE of the SON OF GOD, to a PERFECT man, to the MEASURE of the STATURE of the FULLNESS of Christ… No longer CHILDREN…may GROW UP IN ALL THINGS…KNIT TOGETHER by what every JOINT SUPPLIES…the EFFECTIVE working by which EVERY part does its SHARE, causes GROWTH in the BODY…”.

Have you ever had something happen to you that if you had known it was going to happen you would have said no, declined, or refused?

1.     Bought something—then problems, didn’t read fine print.

2.     Traveled to a resort, sight, or place that was advertised (pictures were years old)?

3.     Attended a play, concert, movie, etc. that was terrible (Not what told, advertised as)?


1.     ILL: Joining the Navy (Didn’t know it was tough, demanding, etc.).

2.     Police Academy: Taught what to expect ( Rookie stayed in car, afraid…fired!).

3.     Go to hear a speaker or preacher…”rake over coals” (Changed message).


QUESTION: Did you know or have any idea what God was expecting of you when you obeyed the Gospel (became a Christian)?


COUNTING THE COST: Keys to commitment and behavior to change

1.     Did you know, understand and commit to denying yourself? (Matthew 16:24). HOW?

2.     Did you know, understand and commit to putting the Kingdom first? (Matthew 6:33)

3.     Did you know, understand and commit to worshiping God in spirit and in truth? (John 4:23, 24). Was first a lifestyle continually; in an assembly—special times?

4.     Did you know, understand and commit to having the attitude of Christ? (Philippians 2:4-8). How have you transformed your thinking (Proverbs 23:7)?

5.     Did you know, understand and commit to bearing fruit? (John 15:1-8; Galatians 5:22-26). Moving from conversion to transformation.

6.     Did you know, understand and commit to studying God’s word? (2 Timothy 2:15; John 8:32; 2 peter 1:5-11). What is y our schedule? What are you studying now?

7.     Did you know, understand and commit to giving God the glory in the church? (Ephesians 3:21). It is not just another “club” or gathering place. God’s family.

8.     Did you know, understand and commit to being faithful unto death? (Revelation 2:10).

It is not over—the Christian walk—don’t retire—until die faithfully.

NOW YOU KNOW! How intentional have you been in these 8, as well as many other changes God is expecting? START NOW! You cannot change the past. You can take one step closer to Jesus as you continue going from conversion to transformation. Growing up in HIM in all things (Ephesians 4:11-17).