JerimiahMainPageLogo 350If you click away from this site without taking 60 seconds to scan the wealth of free materials on this website you will be the loser. You will be missing the opportunity to download materials that relate to personal growth, writing, youth, leadership, preaching, ministry, prayer, evangelism, ladies ministry, articles on various subjects, and much more. This is the one site where you will have immediate access to my bookstore, where over 50-plus books are listed. There are also free downloads.

Join thousands of people from around the world who make a regular stop at Jeremiah Institute. Our number one goal is to prepare materials that will glorify God by educating users in the Word of God. Second, we are committed to equipping Christians for more effective ministry. And third, to help Christians share the Good News with others (cf. Mark 16:15, 16). We also want to help you meet your spiritual and ministry goals.

We want this to be a relevant and user friendly site for every age group and growth status in the local congregation, as well as for the individual outside of the church.

Free! Yes! Check it out. Surely you can spare 60 seconds.

The Jeremiah Institute is dedicated to providing positive and biblical solutions to the challenges of stress and burnout. It is possible to rekindle the fire as Jeremiah did, but it will take work. This site contains opportunities to enrich your personal growth, as well as provide tools to enhance your ministry. I encourage you to use them frequently and to share this site with other ministers.

Your friend in Christ,

J.J. Turner, Ph.D.

Founder and President