Today has been set aside to honor our mothers. We realize that every day is the day to honor mother but, thankfully, today our nation pauses to hold hands and honor that special lady every person has—we all have a mother. Today during the pandemic crisis we are faced with a new set of challenges relative to honoring mom, especially related to physical presence. However we are blessed with numerous media tools we can use to send special messages and gifts to honor our mothers.

     Mother’s Day is …

  1. Marked by sadness (Mother is very ill, deceased, in heaven, etc.).
  2. Marked with joy (Able to see, visit with, talk with, etc.).
  3. Marked with regret (For ways treated mom, bad behavior, etc.).
  4. Marked by evaluation (What kind of child am I, was I, and will be?)
  5. Marked by thankfulness (So, so many blessing because of mother).
  6. Marked by resolve (To do and be better).
  7. Marked by giving gifts (flowers, cards, clothing, photo albums, etc.).
  8. Marked by guilt (Aborted a child, abused, abandoned, neglected, etc.).


In this brief message I will make three points.


   A. Exodus 20:12: Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long upon the land

         Which the Lord your God is giving you.

 B. Proverbs 23:22: Listen to your father who begot you, and do not hate your mother when

         she is old.

   C. Proverbs 19:26, 27: He who mistreats his father and chases away his mother is a son

         who causes shame and brings reproach. Cease listening to instruct, my son, and you

           will stray from the words of knowledge.


     In EVERYTHING give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thess. 5:18).


     Thank you for enduring 9 months of a parasite invading your body bringing all those changes and pain so you could give me life.

     Thank you for nurturing, helping, changing, clothing and keeping me safe in my infant and helpless years.

     Thank you for teaching me, guiding me, standing up for me, and loving me unconditionally.

     Thank you for sacrificing and doing without all those years so I could have.

   Thank you for disciplining me and being strict when I needed it the most.

   Thank you for being patient with me when I acted-up and was defiant.

     Thank you for loving me with all my faults and negative behaviors.

     Thank you for helping me have an awareness of a loving and saving God.

     Thank you for saying no when I insisted on having my way.

     Thank you for never giving up on me when I seemed hopeless.

     Thank you for being a moral and ethical example of right and wrong.

   Thank you for modeling the virtues I want to see in the mother of my children.

     Thank you for having eyes in the back of your head it prevented me from trying to get by with

     stuff or think I was getting by with something.

     Thank you for modeling what character and integrity look like when practiced.

     Thank you for holding my hand in the early years and my heart in later years.

   Thank you for knowing each one of your children are different.

     Thank you for accepting most of my faults and lovingly warning me about others.

     Thank you for admitting you were not perfect, even though I thought you were most of the


     Thank you for all the memories that cause you to live every day in my mind, heart and soul.

     Thank you for being a mother to those who were “motherless” and neglected.

     And above all, thank you for being my mother, a gift from God.


     Mother, even though you’ve gone to heaven I “still see you” in so many things, memories of you:

  • When I look in a mirror, I see you in my face.
  • When I gaze at a flower garden, I still see you.
  • When I look at a properly set table of food, I still see you.
  • When I gaze at a sunset or sunrise, I still see you.
  • When I look at a page in the Bible, I still see you.
  • When I see tears in the eyes of a person or my eyes, I still see you.
  • When I see ducks flying in order, I still see you.
  • When I see birds nesting and caring for their babies, I still see you.
  • When I see a clean, orderly, and well-kept house, I still see you.
  • When I see a faded apron and old shawls, I still see you.
  • When I see a happy person with a smile, I still see you.
  • When I see pain and hurt in a person’s eyes, I still see you.
  • When I see a mother cuddling and fussing over a child, I still see you.
  • When I look at an “impossible” task, I still see you.
  • When I see mothers playing games with their children, I still see you.
  • When I see dark clouds, see lightening, and hear bellowing thunder, I still see you.

     Mother, you were so alive, so in love with God and His creation; taught me to see beyond the obvious and see life as real and full of gifts and surprises. As I look into the heavens I see your loving and smiling face offering an extended hand to me. Yes, I’m a mama’s boy—your boy. I’ll join you when God calls me. Until then I’ll keep seeing you.

     Let’s pray every day for all our mothers.