Since Adam and Eve’s two boys, Cain and Abel, had a disagreement and Cain killed his brother, young people have faced many challenges, both in and out of their families. Even in some churches. I personally believe the youth of today face challenges no other generation has faced. What would you list as the top three (3) challenges the youth of today face?:




     In my personal observations as a father, grandfather, minister and counselor, I have observed many. However, I have chosen to share some research. Here is the Top 10 Issues Facing our Youth Today, as presented on a site called toptenz:

10. Single parent households: Today 14 million parents care for 28 million children.

9. Drugs and alcohol abuse. 21% of seniors say they get high, 41% say they drink alcohol.

8. Growing up too fast. Doing things and having things used to take years to do and have.

7. Violence in school: bullying, shootings, etc.

6. Materialism. Wants are satisfied now—“Christmas” is every week or month.

5. Obesity and related health issues. 20% of American children are obese. “Fast Food Nation.”

4. Educational disparity. “Social promotion.” Poor quality in teaching, scores lowering, etc.

3. Shift in economic conditions. Parents laid off; hours cut; health care, etc.

2. Poverty. More persons on food stamps, subsidized housing, living at poverty level.

1. Erosion of national pride. Losing identity relative to what citizenship means, Constitution, etc.

( 3/15/16)

     How does this list compare to your list? Which do you see as non-issues? Which as major issues? Solomon wrote, “Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth…” (Ecclesiastes 12:11). It is obvious that God is interested in our grounding our youth in His will and virtues for their lives.

     What three (3) suggestions do you have for providing solutions to some of the above 10 challenges:




     In our next lesson we will notice the 10 Biggest Challenges Christian Youth are Facing Today.