Finances-400A little boy was asked, “What would you do if you were given all the money in the world/” he quickly responded, “I would pay off all of my mama and daddy’s bills—until the money ran out.” 

It has been estimated that 49% of Americans suffer with some form of depression because of debts. Debt can be a killer. Most people have as goals peace of mind and prosperity.  Few, however attain these goals.  Financial burdens are among the top stressors in the lives of ministers and a major cause of burnout. Counselors say financial issues are the number one complaints in marriages. 

The Jeremiah Institute is committed to providing help and guidance in the area of stewardship; especially relative to managing finances, both in the church and one’s personal life. 

Junior asked his mother, “Mom, how much am I worth to you?”  Mom quickly replied, “You’re worth a million dollars.”  Junior snapped back, “In that case, could you advance me twenty-five?”

 Return often to this section and we will help you advance financially in a positive way.

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