WriterWelcome to an exciting series of articles on writing.

In my forty-three years of writing, editing, and publishing, I have helped hundreds of persons become published. The major source of this help was as the editor of the Christian Teacher Magazine, a position I held for ten years. Add to this the numerous student and individuals I have helped launch into writing reality, and you should get the idea that I may be able to help you. Oh yes, I have written 127 books. Yes, YOU can write. That is if you can read. Even if you cannot, you can dictate your words and have them typed and edited by someone. So if you are conscious, you can write. Stay with me and you will see I am right.

I am beginning a series of lesson on this website called Releasing The Write Within. As you read these, and hopefully do the exercises, I encourage you to go to Amazon.com and order my book Drop Your Excuses And Start Writing Today. Just type in the book name in the search space on Amazon.com. It will be a great supplement to this series.

I encourage and challenge you to come back here often to read and apply the lesson on Releasing The Writer Within. Exercise your right to write!


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