In 1937 an Italian, Carlo Collodi wrote the Adventures of Pinocchio, the story of a puppet carved by the old wood-carver named Geppetto. The puppet is brought to life by the blue fairy, who promised Pinocchio he could become a real boy if he proves himself “brave, truthful and unselfish.” As he meets various characters he lies and his nose grows longer. Through the year the name Pinocchio was become synonymous with lying.

     In recent years the media has created an award called the Pinocchio Award. It is awarded through checking the statements made my politicians, scientists, and other disciplines to document the facts as true or false. Based on the perceived seriousness of the words or issues in question, facts are checked for accuracy and truthfulness; then an award ranging from one to four, with four being the most severe is awarded.

     In order to continue placing a high and godly value on truth and truth telling –“Buy the truth and do not sell it (Proverbs 23:23)—take a few minutes and honestly respond to the following observations about yourself:




  1. …you stretch the truth
  2. …you bend the truth
  3. …you twist and torture the truth
  4. …you pervert the truth
  5. …you deliberately change the truth
  6. …you refuse to acknowledge the truth (cf. John 8:32)
  7. …you refuse to stand for the truth (don’t want to be involved, “leave well-enough alone”)
  8. …you refuse to support the truth (keep silent, argue against it, etc.)
  9. …you deliberately deceive people (pattern of lifestyle, hypocrite, etc.)
  10. …you intentionally reject the truth (afraid of the consequences)
  11. …you hurt others by lying (out of anger, dislike, protect self, etc.)
  12. …you make dishonest gain or acquire a position by lying
  13. …you have secret and clandestine behaviors
  14. …you lie under oath, on contracts, about taxes, etc.
  15. …you trick people with misinformation (“half-truths”, concealment, lies, etc.)
  16. …you cannot stop lying—pathological personality issue (need professional help, etc.)
  17. …you continually make a joke out of the truth (try to dilute the effect of truth)
  18. …you avoid exposure to truth (don’t want to hear it)
  19. …you justify telling a falsehood or a lie (“Don’t want to hurt feeling,” “best for them”, etc.)
  20. …you cannot discern error from truth (cognitive disability)
  21. …you never, ever admit you are wrong nor made a mistake (a form of narcissism, pride, etc.)
  22. …you have a secret agenda you are hiding or pushing
  23. …you are contradicting God’s word—THE TRUTH (John 8:32, 36).
  24. …you don’t like to be around persons who stand for the truth or tell the truth
  25. …you keep silent when you should speak up for the truth (may be interpreted as supporting)
  26. …you pervert God’s word to prove or sustain your position or beliefs
  27. …you mix truth with error—just enough to get by or pass inspection (know how to play system)
  28. …you attack a person’s character when he or she tells the truth (“can’t trust them”, “liar”, etc.)
  29. …you had rather be “liked” than known as a “truth teller and supporter of truth”
  30. 3…you want to impress others and stay in good with them (“keep friends at all cost”)