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The Jeremiah Institute is dedicated to providing positive and biblical solutions to the challenges of stress and burnout. It is possible to rekindle the fire as Jeremiah did, but it will take work. This site contains opportunities to enrich your personal growth, as well as provide tools to enhance your ministry. I encourage you to use them frequently and to share this site with other ministers.

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  J.J. Turner, Ph.D.   READ ANY GREAT BOOKS LATELY? [ ] Yes [ ] No   Years ago if I had written this article I would have titled it Christians Are Reader. My experiences now with some Christian, which include leaders and preachers, reveal a lack of reading. Talking to bookstore managers confirm that men aren’t buying books like they once did, and the books they are buying now are “fluff and puff”—shallow content. The good news is that women are buying more books, thus the rapid increase in the publishing of books designed for ladies.      Men aren’t reading because they don’t have time, as some claim. They have time but they spend it on computer websites, IPad, cell phones, social media, video games, watching TV, etc. Homes which once had bookcases filled with books that were read, now are filled with pictures, plaques with sayings, and a few unread classics; even Bibles.      I confess that I am writing this article with a bias. I am a readaholic! When I am asked, which I often am, what’s the greatest thing you learned during all your education? I answer quickly, “The greatest thing I learned in school was in the first and second grades. I learned how to read.” Reading opened up the whole world to me, from A to Z. It created an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. I average reading a couple of books each week on a variety of subjects, obviously, the Bible is always first on my daily reading list.      Some books, such as novels, I read simply for pleasure, others I read take me into academics subjects. Some cause me to examine my politics and cultural involvement. Some create a spirit of debate as I doubt and challenge content. I mark in books…

  • DEFINITION:      Webster: “a religion that is considered or held to be false or unorthodox, or it members.”      Theological: “In the context of traditional doctrines and practices of biblical Christianity, a cult is a group that believes and practices beliefs that are contrary to the (1) Divinity, (2) eternal existence (3)incarnation, (4) virgin birth, (4) exclusive saviorhood, death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Christ. Plus many other teachings and practices that contradict the Bible (e.g. 66 books). 21 CHARACTERISTICS OF A CULT:      A cult associated with “Christianity” may be identified, according to basic definitions, by one or more…

  • If you are wearing a wedding ring or own a wedding ring, you have a continual reminder of the wedding promises you made to your spouse. Think about this fact!   The wedding vows you swore when you married, if they were the traditional ones, had these sobering words: For better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health… until death parts us. These vows made it clear that there may be some challenges ahead in your marriage. But for some reason you may seem surprised to discover the vows are prophetic. Wedding vows do come true! You…

  • When most people hear the word capital they think of investing in gold, silver, shares of stock, investments in company's startups, and so forth. These are some of the various ways of gaining assets that yield rewards and income over a period of time; usually over a long period of time. There are, however, other forms of capital that a person may invest in and gain continual assets. Education is one of these capitals. Time, effort and money spent in educational pursuits are investments in human capital. Investment in educational capital will never result in a loss. You cannot be…


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